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EI speaks about Gaza Invasion on Flashpoints Radio

On June 29th, Flashpoints Radio hosted Electronic Intifada cofounder, Ali Abunimah, for a discussion of the continuing criminal Israeli attacks in Gaza and Israel’s kidnapping of democratically-elected Palestinian leaders. While insisting that the capture of an occupation soldier after dozens of Palestinian civilian deaths is an act of terrorism justifying destruction of infrastructure in Gaza, Israeli has kidnapped scores of Palestinian officials in an outrageous and brazen criminal act. Flashpoints News Radio broadcasts every weekday at 5:00PM Pacific Time on 94.1 FM, from Berkeley, California. Interviewer: Nora Barrows-Friedman. 

EI speaks about Internal Palestinian Strife on Flashpoints Radio

Flashpoints Radio hosts Ali Abunimah of for a discussion of “Internal Strife and Continued Attacks in Occupied Palestine.” The referendum called by Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas is supposedly meant to gain public endorsement for the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel in all the territories occupied in 1967, as set out in a plan agreed by senior Hamas and Fatah leaders held in Israeli prisons. 

EI speaks about developments in Palestine on Flashpoints

Israel continues to pound Palestinians trapped inside the occupied Gaza strip with 300 tank shells a day. Flashpoints speaks with Ali Abunimah of the Electronic Intifada about the current situation in the Gaza Strip and the unraveling disaster in Palestine. Since the beginning of this year, 15 Palestinian children have been killed in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including eight from the Gaza Strip. Four of the eight were passers by - killed in Israeli extra-judicial assassination attempts against Palestinian activists; two Gaza children were killed by gunfire; one by unexploded ordinance while Hadeel, who was killed on Monday by Israeli artillery fire, is the eighth Gaza child to die so far this year. 

EI speaks about Palestinian elections on Flashpoints

Pacifica Radio’s Flashpoints reports on the global spotlight which is now shining on Hamas as they upstage the Fatah movement and the old guard in occupied Palestine. Flashpoints speaks with its special correspondents in the West Bank and Gaza, and Ali Abunimah of the Electronic Intifada about the significance of the Hamas upset. Yesterday, Palestinians went to the polls to elect 132 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council. Council members will choose a cabinet to serve with Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas. Hamas with its list of Change and Reform obtained 74 seats, the Fatah Movement obtained 45 seats; PFLP obtained 3 seats and the Alternative, Independent Palestine and the Third Way received each 2 seats and the Independents list obtained 4 seats.