Ariel Sharon Short Story Contest: Announcing the Winner

The first prize winner in the first annual Ariel Sharon Short Story contest is Katherine Ludwig. The story is based on what happened to Rachel Corrie, although the story does not require the reader to know this for it to “work.” The story moves at a clipped pace yet flows remarkably well, as it opens up space and time for a reader to reflect on “the event” at hand. Ms. Ludwig’s understanding of the consciousness of these characters is evident. She is aware of the woman’s (and the other protestors’) possible flaws (e.g., their privelege) as perceived by the driver (e.g.”the smoothness of their pampered skin”). 

First annual Ariel Sharon short story contest

www.oznik.com is proud to announce the first ever (as far as we are aware) Ariel Sharon Short Story Contest, and to invite writers to contribute stories that focus on, are inspired by, or related to Ariel Sharon. All entries will be read, and the best will be published online on oznik.com (who knows, perhaps something in print will come out of this too…), with a copyright notice in the author’s name. The writer of the winning story will receive 50 Euros. Songs and song lyrics are also welcome. Downloads of the first entries are already accessible!