The Observer

No peace without human rights

‘Security, security, security’ is the motto of the Middle East road map. Human rights are the missing guest at the diplomatic table. Miranda Sissons is the author of a number of Human Rights Watch reports on Israel and the Occupied Territories. She was arrested by Israel on May 9. 

Angry Bedouin find loyalty to Israel goes unrewarded

“Bassim Jrafat, an imam in Zarzir, said 60 per cent of the town’s residents no longer agreed with serving in the IDF. He feels it is wrong for Bedouin to serve in the Israeli army and was dismissed by the Ministry of Religion when he refused to lead prayers at the funeral of a Bedouin soldier.” The Observer’s Conal Urquhart reports from the Negev on rising Bedouin dissatisfaction with their role and status in Israeli society.