Noah Shachtman

Return to Sender -- 55,000 Times 

Law professor and pro-Palestinian agitator Francis Boyle expected to have a lot of e-mail waiting for him after his two-and-a-half-week vacation. But he never imagined that there would be 55,000 messages packing his inbox — many of them hurt, even belligerent, notes from friends and fellow activists. The message that supposedly came from Boyle was a forgery — one of thousands sent out in the names and from e-mail addresses of prominent advocates for the Palestinians — designed to sow dissension, create confusion and waste time in the activist community. Noah Shachtman reports in Wired. 

Israel blocks Palestinian ISP

“For hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, getting to work, school or the market has been virtually impossible since Israel’s latest anti-terror campaign began. Now, they won’t be able to get online, either. Early Monday morning, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) troops took over the offices of Palnet, the leading Palestinian Internet service provider, shutting down the firm’s operations.” Noah Shachtman writes in Wired.