National Plan of Action for Palestinian Children

Child rights groups appeal against biased reporting on Palestinian children

The apprehension twice in 10 days of two Palestinian children allegedly carrying explosives at Hawara checkpoint near Nablus has sparked a media frenzy. However, the multitude of violations to Palestinian children�s rights that occur daily at the hands of Israeli forces in the illegally-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip are almost entirely ignored by journalists and the media. DCI/PS and NPA-Pal urge journalists and editors to adopt an impartial approach in informing the public of the truth. 

End of all aid work in Palestine?

International aid workers have been shut out from Gaza since Saturday 10th May. Despite the worsening humanitarian situation, the Israeli army says the exclusion could become permanent. Since January, many of us have been refused entry to Israel, cross-examined and even deported. Now aid organisations are talking about pulling out.