Mohammad Daraghmeh

Alarm in Nablus

The number and type of people taking part in a meeting held in the Chamber of Commerce building in Nablus two days ago, to discuss the phenomenon of armed chaos and breach of law by armed groups, was alone indicative of the level of danger felt by the inhabitants of the city. Mohammad Daraghmeh writes in Palestinian daily newspaper Al-Ayyam. 

A story from the heart of Israel's secret prison

Despite spending a long time in prison (38 days of continuous torture), Bashar Joudallah (50 years old) from Nablus does not remember much from the place except black walls, or maybe grey, he doesn’t remember, a “modern” interrogation room and sounds of planes landing and taking off in a nearby place. Bashar did not know much about the prison he was in except after he was transferred to other prisons such as ‘Majido’ and ‘Ofer’, where he was detained for 3 months. Other detainees later explained to him that he was in one of the secret prisons located in distant areas, used to for interrogation with detainees with serious accusations. Mohammad Daraghmeh writes in Palestinian daily newspaper Al-Ayyam.