Maan Images

Photostory: Mohammad Az Zanoun's Images of Gaza Under Siege

Mohammad Az Zanoun, a photographer with Maan Images, was shot on 8 July as he photographed in the Zaitoun area of Gaza. On Thursday, 6 July, he narrowly escaped injury as an Israeli shell fell among a group of Palestinians, as he was photographing. On 8 July, he was injured by shrapnel, yet continued to photograph, continuing his work of documenting the Israeli siege on Gaza with moving and memorable photos that bring the experiences of Palestinians to the world. As he continued to photograph, he was shot directly in the stomach, and underwent serious surgery at Al Shifa hospital. This photostory presents some of Mohammad Az Zanoun’s images of Gaza. 

Photostory: Israel invades Gaza, 27 June 2006

At 11:51PM* (Palestine time) on June 27th, Israel launched a large scale military assault on Gaza, as Israeli fighter planes carried out three airstrikes on Gazan bridges. Further strikes against Gazan power plants took place at 1:42AM, sending most of Gaza into darkness. At 2:24AM, Israeli forces began moving into Gaza to take control of the open areas east of Rafah. At 5:08AM Israeli fighter planes began flying low over Gaza, causing intentional sonic booms. Yet there has been massive destruction of the civilian infrastructure, leaving one million Gazans without power, a situation that some estimate will take as long as seven months to rectify. Meanwhile, Israeli shelling continues.