Jo Ehrlich

Villages challenge occupation on human rights day

As tortuous as the occupation is for the people of al-Tuwani, on 10 December — International Human Rights Day — they decided to offer support to other Palestinians by highlighting the discrimination faced by schoolchildren from the neighboring villages. The focus of Human Rights Day 2009 was on non-discrimination, a topic that is particularly appropriate in occupied Palestine where Palestinians face daily discrimination by Israel. Jo Ehrlich writes for The Electronic Intifada. 

Any given Friday

After years of land appropriation and harassing Palestinian villagers, Efrat settlers have decided that they want to acquire more of Um Salomona’s farmland separated from the village by the main road for a cemetery. Raed, a Palestinian resident of the village, owns the land targeted by the settlers. He knows all too well that without strong action (and quite possibly, even with strong action) it is likely that his land — like thousands of other acres of Palestinian land in the West Bank — will be seized by the settlement. Jo Ehrlich writes for The Electronic Intifada.