Israeli Coalition Against the Wall

Israelis protest against the wall in front of Sharon's residence

On the day the International Court in The Hague started its hearing on the Separation Wall, the “Israeli Coalition against the Wall” organised a protest against the wall. About 700 Israeli peace activists took part in the demonstration near the Prime Minsiter’s residence, only some 200 meters from the place where a day before a suicide bomber had blown up a bus. “The Wall will not bring
security, it will only bring more attacks,” said Oren
Medicks, one of ther speakers. 

Israeli peace groups continue protests against the wall

“The terrible attack in Jerusalem today strengthens our opinion that the policy of Occupation and dispossession of the Palestinians, as expressed in the building of the Wall within the Palestinian Territories, does not bring us peace,” say Israeli peace organizations holding protest activities against the Separation Wall. Tomorrow, 23 February at 8.00 p.m., activist organizations participating in the “Israeli Voice against the Wall” will hold a protest demonstration opposite the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem. Activists will built a wall in front of the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem.