International Labor Organization

Situation of workers in occupied Palestine continues to deteriorate

Despite a new climate of dialogue among Israelis and Palestinians, conditions of life for workers and their families in the occupied Arab territories continue to be extremely hard, according to a report issued by the International Labour Office (ILO). While domestic output grew in 2004 following four years of recession in the Palestinian economy, the unemployment rate in the occupied Arab territories increased to close to 26 per cent, reaching a record 224,000 unemployed, says the report. Fewer than half of all men of working age and only 10 per cent of women of working age are employed. As a result, every employed person in the region supports six persons in the total population. 

Unemployment, poverty grips Palestinian workers

High unemployment continues to grip Palestinian communities in the Occupied Arab Territories, reaching an average of 35 per cent, the International Labour Office (ILO) says in a new report. A recent high-level mission to the area also found that “severe restrictions” on the movement of persons, goods and services were causing “severe losses in production, employment and income”. “The reality of life in the territories is one of strangulation of the economy.” ILO Director-General Juan Somavia said in the report.