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Green Party MEP: EU 'imbalance' over Israel pushing Palestine to humanitarian brink, warns Lucas

Dr. Lucas, who is a member of the EU’s delegation to the occupied Palestinian territories – and was an official election observer in Gaza last year – said a Finnish presidency statement on behalf of the EU Council on recent events in Gaza gave undue emphasis to the kidnapping of one Israeli soldier but was far less critical of Israel’s ‘completely disproportionate’ response. She said: “Contrary to international law and humanitarian principles, the Israeli government has systematically attacked civilian electricity and water supplies – and kidnapped and arrested fully 64 Palestinian elected representatives.” 

NY Green candidate for US Senate: Stop Israel's attacks on Gaza

The conflict in Israel/Palestine has reached new levels of menace and suffering with the Israeli invasion of Gaza. The Israeli government is intent on inflicting significant suffering on the civilian population, targeting the local infrastructure by destroying the local power plant and three bridges. Water and electricity has been cut off to 1.3 million inhabitants. This comes on top of the suffering caused by decades of military occupation and the recent cutoff off of funds to the Palestinian government, which has left the many Palestinians in Gaza facing starvation.