Grassroots Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

New report critiques West Bank development projects

With the Palestine Investment Conference (PIC) underway in Bethlehem and the celebrated reforms and development projects proposed last year by the Salam Fayyad appointed government, understanding development in Palestine is more important than ever. Both the PIC and the Fayyad development programs have already elicited severe criticism from Palestinian civil society, political opposition and local communities. 

Stand up and Stop the Massacres in Palestine!

Palestine mourns yet another 23 martyrs killed during the night. Massacres in Palestine far from over while the world continues to maintain silence. Last night, Occupation Forces attacked the people of Beit Hanoun in their sleep, shelling indiscriminately at houses, killing 18 Palestinians and leaving many more injured, most of them women and children. It comes just 24 hours after Occupation Forces had ended another invasion which led to the killings of over 50 people in the Gaza strip and almost 200 injured.
In Beit Hanoun, two doctors were killed as ambulances were sent to treat those injured during the invasion. People were left bleeding to death as Palestinians were prevented from reaching hospitals. 

19 wounded as Occupation unleashes brutal wave of attacks against resisting Bil’in villagers

Twelve Palestinians were wounded as occupation forces unleashed a torrent of bullets, tear gas canisters and sound bombs in the village of Bil’in on Thursday. Over 600 protestors gathered by the village mosque and marched to the west of Bil’in where land is being razed for the construction of the Apartheid Wall, which will trap the village in a ghetto. Around ten bulldozers have been at work constantly over the last two weeks, in the project to annex Palestinian land for the expansion of nearby settlements. Dozens of schoolchildren led a lively and colourful march, carrying an enormous Palestinian flag to the confiscated lands. 

Stop The Wall activists protest to Kofi Annan about UN Wall Report

Last month the UN offices in Palestine issued its report regarding the effects of the Wall in the light of the latest publication of the Israeli Occupation Government’s “modifications”. The UN’s latest report revealed various positions that compromise, and even directly contradict, international law and the principles for self-determination and human rights as laid out in its Charter.