Eddie Vassallo

Is Spain inside or outside the Nablus checkpoint?

The group of internationals I had traveled with to the northern West Bank city of Nablus had decided to park our car just behind the Huwwara checkpoint, where Israeli soldiers control Palestinian movement to and from the city. From the outset, I began taking pictures of an Israeli military outpost littered with heavy tanks and armored vehicles. Eddie Vassallo writes from the Balata refugee camp. 

Photostory: Total occupation, a journey around Hebron

With 400 hard-line religious settlers packed tightly amidst more than 160,000 Palestinians in the center of Hebron’s Old City, violence is not a probability, it is a given. Add to that the nearly 2,000 Israeli troops assigned to “protect” the settlers and you can begin to understand how peace is a little more than a word in this part of the West Bank. Eddie Vassallo’s pictures tell a story of occupied Hebron.