Democracy and Workers’ Rights Center

Palestinian workers trapped inside their factory

During the latest Israeli military assault on Gaza, Israeli armed forces surrounded the Star Soda factory and trapped Palestinian workers inside, preventing them to return to their homes. Workers were inside the factory, without food, electricity, bedding or a place to sleep. Two of the trapped workers suffer from health problems, without means to relieve medical care. The workers called the Red Cross for help, but they were told that the Red Cross could not provide aid without Israeli authorization. 

Prominent Palestinian labor rights activist, prohibited from traveling

Hasan Barghouthi is a trade unionist and a known activist for peace, democracy and social justice in Palestine. On 15 October 2003, he was prohibited by the Israeli authorities from leaving the occupied territories, and on 28 October he was informed by the Israeli intelligence services that he was prohibited from traveling abroad. His work as Director of the Democracy and Workers’ Rights Center in Palestine (DWRC) requires him to travel often, and the Israeli occupying power’s decision to deny him his right to freedom of movement in the future will seriously affect it. 

No lifting of restrictions on freedom of movement in OPT

Israeli declarations that restrictions on freedom of movement in the Occupied Palestinian Territories have been eased as a good will gesture for the meeting in Jordan between Israeli and Palestinian prime ministers and US President Georges Bush reveal untrue as Israeli military checkpoints continue to forbid access of Palestinians citizens to their workplaces, schools, hospitals in cities centers and hamper movement between localities.