Conal Urquhart

Israeli report clears troops over US death

An Israeli army investigation into the death of Rachel Corrie, an American peace activist, has concluded that its forces were not to blame for her death. It accused Corrie and other members of the International Solidarity Movement of “illegal, irresponsible and dangerous” behaviour. Corrie, 23, was crushed to death by an army bulldozer in Rafah, Gaza, as she protested against house demolitions. The investigation, led by the chief of the general staff of the Israeli Defence Force, found that Israeli forces were not guilty of any misconduct. 

Angry Bedouin find loyalty to Israel goes unrewarded

“Bassim Jrafat, an imam in Zarzir, said 60 per cent of the town’s residents no longer agreed with serving in the IDF. He feels it is wrong for Bedouin to serve in the Israeli army and was dismissed by the Ministry of Religion when he refused to lead prayers at the funeral of a Bedouin soldier.” The Observer’s Conal Urquhart reports from the Negev on rising Bedouin dissatisfaction with their role and status in Israeli society.