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Audio: EI's Abunimah discusses Gaza massacre, Abbas referendum on Chicago Public Radio

EI’s Ali Abunimah was a guest on Chicago Public Radio’s Worldview program on 9 June 2006 to discuss current events in Palestine, including Israel’s massacre of Palestinian civilians on a beach in the occupied Gaza Strip, and the controversy over a referendum called by Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas. 

Audio: EI's Abunimah discusses Amman bombings

Fifty-seven people were killed when bombs exploded at three hotels in Amman, Jordan on 9 November. EI’s Ali Abunimah discussed the attacks on Chicago Public Radio’s Worldview program with Jerome McDonnell. The interview examined possible motives and perpetrators, and their potential impact on Jordan and the region. Abunimah said that no matter who carried out the attacks, whether it was Al-Qa’ida or someone else, many Jordanians are likely to lay at least some of the blame at the doors of US-led invasion of Iraq. 

EI's Ali Abunimah discusses the Bush-Abbas meeting on Chicago Public Radio

President Bush met for the first time with Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas, promising $50 million to the Palestinian Authority. This promise of aid money has been called a vote of confidence for Abbas. Electronic Intifada’s Ali Abunimah offered his opinion on the offer on the 26 May 2005 edition of the Worldview program on Chicago Public Radio.