Bill Fletcher Jr.

Tactics that ended apartheid in S. Africa can end it in Israel

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict often inspires a sense of powerlessness. What can average Americans do to bring an end to this decades-old conflict when our leaders have failed so miserably? And what good is speaking out about Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land as the primary obstacle to peace when even former President Jimmy Carter and Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu are condemned for their criticism of Israeli policies? Bill Fletcher, Jr. comments. 

The attack on Jimmy Carter

Former US President James (Jimmy) Carter has the ability to appear almost out of thin air, landing in the midst of some of the most complex international crises. He has done it again, this time in going to meet with the Palestinian resistance group, Hamas. For reaching out to this significant section of the Palestinian movement, he is being demonized by both the Bush administration and the administration of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Bill Fletcher, Jr. comments. 

Silencing Bishop Tutu: Critical discussion off limits?

There is a point when a political position can become rabid; a point when rational arguments no longer work because the holder of such politics believes that their way can be the only way of seeing things and that all other views must be suppressed. Thus, we have the case of the cancellation of the speaking engagement of one Bishop Desmond Tutu, world-renowned human rights activist and one of the chief architects of the South African Truth & Reconciliation Commission. Bill Fletcher, Jr. comments on the cancellation. 

Questions for Candidate Obama

Senator Barak Obama has become a major celebrity, a truth that is now almost a cliché. His campaign has raised massive amounts of funds. He draws large and enthusiastic crowds when he appears. Often described as charismatic, he is more importantly smart and well-spoken. Yet before I jump into his campaign I have a few questions that I first want to share with you and which I hope he will address in the not-too-distant future. There is a way in which I cannot tell who is the real Senator Obama.