Bernard Sabella

Arrogance of Power

Neither the horror of history nor the arrogance of power can justify Israel in what it is doing in both Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories. The political leadership in Israel has miserably failed in seeking a long lasting political solution to the conflict that is based on justice and respect for human rights. Instead it has relied on military strategists with a formidable and merciless military machine to prepare the ground for an eventual political solution that would impose a Pax Israeleana in the region. But the prospects of Pax Israeleana cannot be realized without the weight of the US¬†Administration. 

An American Visit to Bethlehem

The other day a group of American university students visited Bethlehem University in Bethlehem of the nativity fame in the Palestinian Territories. They discussed with their Palestinian peer a number of issues, including mutual perceptions or misperceptions, the stand of the American Administrations on the Arab-Israeli conflict, the situation in Iraq and the upcoming presidential elections in Palestine. After the formal discussions were over, the American and Palestinian students intermingled, exchanged e-mail addresses and promised to keep on with their¬†discussions.