BADIL on the PRS Refugee Poll

BADIL comments on the responses to and debate of the recent survey released by Dr. Khalil Shekaki on Palestinian refugees’ choice to not return. BADIL notes that “These comments were triggered mainly by a piece of commentary written by Jehudith Harel (14 July), who touches on many important points.” 

UN Committee: "Excessive emphasis upon the State as a 'Jewish State' encourages discrimination"

A recent review by the UN of Israel’s performance under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights expressed concern that “excessive emphasis upon the State as a “Jewish State” encourages discrimination and accords a second-class status to its non-Jewish citizens. 

Palestinian Land Day 2003

The commemoration of Palestinian Land Day this year coincides with the ongoing Israeli reoccupation and military siege of Palestinian cities, villages, and refugee camps in the 1967 occupied Palestinian territories and the US-UK led war against Iraq. 

Why do Israel, the US, and the EU discriminate against Palestinian refugees and IDPs?

March 21 marks the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Refugees and IDPs often face multiple forms of racial discrimination. Sometimes racial discrimination is a root cause of displacement. Too often refugees and IDPs are discriminated against in places of exile. Racial discrimination, moreover, is frequently a barrier to the right of refugees and IDPs to return to their homes of origin following the cessation of conditions that led to their displacement.