Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Senior Israeli pilot condemns air strikes that hit civilians

Israeli F-16 warplanes and Apache helicopters have been busy over the skies of Gaza, launching four separate strikes against Hamas targets in the space of a few hours. The attacks have killed at least six people, including two Hamas militants and a civilian bystander, and wounded more than 30 others, including a baby and several young children. In an interview with AM, one of Israel’s most decorated fighter pilots has condemned air strikes which hit innocent civilians as “immoral” and “unlawful”. Mark Willacy reports for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. 

Ali Abunimah debates Daniel Pipes on Australian TV's "Lateline"

Ali Abunimah debates Daniel Pipes on Australian televisions “Lateline” programme, just two weeks into the second Palestini5{ dismisses the violence as “a lot of attention being paid to very few deaths,” even as Abunimah points out that over one hundred Palestinians had already been killed and three thousand injured by the Israeli army, mostly unarmed demonstrators.