Association of International Development Agencies (AIDA)

Aid agencies: Suspension of aid is accelerating slide into crisis

The Association of International Development Agencies (AIDA) cautioned donor governments and Israel that the strategy of starving out the newly elected Hamas government by rerouting aid to outside agencies is deepening the suffering of civilians. Thirty-six aid agencies operational in the occupied Palestinian territories said the suspension of direct aid to the Palestinian Authority — a move initiated by Canada, the US and EU — is accelerating a slide into crisis. The sanctions have left unpaid for a second month the entire Palestinian public sector, comprising 150,000 police, doctors, teachers and other public service workers. Aid agencies the situation is most acute in the Gaza Strip. 

Aid Agencies call upon donor governments to continue providing aid to the Palestinian people

While the international community reacts to the recent Palestinian Legislative Council elections, international aid agencies stress that the humanitarian situation in the Palestinian territories remains grave, and may even deteriorate further if current and additional humanitarian and development activities are jeopardized. The humanitarian needs of the Palestinian people and their children have not changed as a result of recent political developments. International development and humanitarian aid agencies reiterate their commitment to helping to meet the needs of the Palestinian people, and strongly urge the international community and donor governments to continue providing critical assistance.