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Besieged Lebanese Turn to Internet

Like many of her compatriots, artist Zena el-Khalil has turned to blogging on the Internet to express her longings and fears amid the fighting in Lebanon. Writing from Beirut, the 30-year-old tells of wanting to have children and worries about Israeli air raids on the capital. “Word on the street is that Israel is threatening to hit Beirut now. I feel so helpless,” she said in a recent entry in her online diary. “I called my husband and told him to come home right away. If I die, I want to be in his arms.” 

British lawmaker alleges Israeli soldiers fired at group during visit to Gaza

A member of Britain’s House of Lords said Saturday that Israeli soldiers shot at her and two other lawmakers during a fact-finding visit to Gaza the day before. Baroness Northover, the Liberal Democrat party’s spokeswoman on international development issues, said the group was traveling under U.N. supervision near the Rafah refugee camp Friday when soldiers in an Israeli observation post fired machine guns over their heads. A large number of children were nearby, she said. The group then moved closer to marked U.N. vehicles and another shot hit a building next to them, chipping off pieces of masonry near Northover, she said in a statement. 

Peace activist Rachel Corrie remembered on home campus

More than 1,800 family, friends and faculty attended the memorial for Rachel Corrie at The Evergreen State College. At a news conference, Rachel’s parents displayed photos they described as 286 children who have died in Israel and the disputed occupied territory in the past two years. “They deserve as much notice as Corrie on the morning news,” Cindy Corrie said. David Ammon reports from Olympia for The Associated Press. 

Israel closes Palestinian universities

Israel today shut down two West Bank universities as two Palestinians were killed in clashes and Israeli troops sealed the homes of four Jerusalem Arabs responsible for killing 35 people, including five Americans, in bombings. In Hebron, the army closed the Islamic University and Polytechnic Institution as part of its response to the Tel Aviv bombing earlier this month in which 22 people were killed. Jamie Tarabay reports for the Associated Press.