Anne Gwynne

Crossing Kalandia

Kalandia is not a checkpoint in any recognized sense of the word ‘checkpoint’, which is commonly understood to be a place where documents and goods are checked, and through which people and goods are inspected in order to facilitate passage. Everything at ground level in the whole landscape is torn-up, demolished, cleared into piles of rubble, worn out, collapsing, never repaired — I cannot find adequate words. Anne Gwynne writes about Kalandia, with an introduction by EI’s Nigel Parry. 

Children shot in Askar Refugee Camp

Oshan Abdul Aziz Shanier was shot by a single bullet to the heart and died instantly. He was 22 years old, born in a refugee camp in his own land, died in a refugee camp in his own land, killed by a soldier who is illegally in his country contravening all the relevant International Laws and Conventions. No warnings here, no mercy. No normal human decency. Shoot to kill. Anne Gwynn writes from Nablus.