Alternate Focus

Interview: Azmi Bishara

Azmi Bashara was born in Nazareth to Christian parents. He is a Palestinian and a citizen of Israel. He represents Israel’s Palestinian minority in the Knesset. Bishara studies at Humboldt University in Germany, is head of the philosophy department at Bir Zeit University, and is senior researcher at the Van-Leer Institute in Jerusalem. He was one of the founders of the National Democratic Assembly, or Balad. He describes himself as a humanist, a democrat, a liberal, and a neo-nasserite. In this interview Bishara examines turning Israel into a state of all of its citizens, opposing the institutionalized inequality that exists now between Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel. 

Al-Awda/Alternate Focus Annual Worldwide Video Contest

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right of Return Coalition, and Alternate Focus are dedicated to presenting the unheard voice of the Palestinian people to the American public. This is an opportunity for videographer activists to see their work on television and distributed on DVD’s worldwide, while advancing the cause of Palestinian return and self-determination. Last year we were privileged to view video film submissions by videographer activists exploring the lives of the Palestinian people, their heroism and their resistance under the Zionist occupation of their land. By popular demand, we are now instituting the second annual call for submissions.