Al Dameer

PA decision at UN a "betrayal of Gaza victims' rights"

As members of the Palestinian Council of Human Rights Organizations, we strongly condemn the decision of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to support a UN Human Rights Council resolution that accords further time for ineffective domestic investigations, thus effectively failing to pursue accountability for crimes committed during the Israeli offensive code-named “Operation Cast Lead.” 

One killed, 21 injured in Gaza clashes

The Gaza Strip saw much tension during the past two days. One Palestinian was killed, 21 were injured and about 60 others arrested in the towns of Rafah and Gaza City. Mass Friday prayers on 31 August 2007 ended with clashes between the Executive Force (EF) and a group of the worshippers, who prayed outside mosques in response to a call from Fatah. In addition, a minor was killed on Saturday, 1 September 2007 as the EF dispersed a vigil that was organized in protest of the prolonged closure of the Rafah Crossing. 

Palestinian human rights groups denounce Beit Hanoun massacre

The Israeli Occupying Forces (IOF) have committed an appalling act of mass murder in the town of Beit Hanoun today, one day after they redeployed around it. At dawn, the IOF fired eleven artillery shells on six homes in the town killing 18 civilians; seven of whom are children and six of whom are women. 53 others were wounded; of whom 25 are children and 12 are women. With this, the number of Palestinians who have been killed since the commencement of the IOF operation in Beit hanoun on 1 November 2006 has reached 77. Palestinian human rights organizations strongly condemn this outrageous crime and stress that it is but another example of the continued excessive use of force and the targeting of civilians and civilian objects that is carried out by IOF