Adam Beach

Photostory: Shattered remains

“There is, here, a timeless present, and here no one can find anyone. No one remembers how we went out the door like a gust of wind, and at what hour we fell from yesterday, and then yesterday shattered on the tiles in shards for others to reassemble into mirrors reflecting their image over ours.” Adam Beach’s photographs document life in the occupied territories. 

Photostory: A pervasive occupation

Occupation has a way of making its presence experienced beyond its immediate manifestations — war machines and walls and checkpoints — and wounding everything it comes in contact with. The Israeli occupation has left scars on nearly all aspects of Palestinian society — both literal, physical tears in the earth and edifice. Where a million olive trees used to be rooted or tens of thousands of homes that used to be places to live and now are little more than a painful memory. However, in the midst of occupation is the energy to resist, a veiled hope for peace and justice, even at impossible odds. Adam Beach’s photographs document life in occupied Palestine. 

Photostory: Bil'in, the art of shaking off

In January 2005 the people of the West Bank village of Bil’in began holding weekly demonstrations demanding access to their farmlands that had been cut off by the Israeli separation barrier. During that time of popular and nonviolent struggle the response by the Israeli army intensified and grew increasingly violent. The separation barrier has stagnated the agriculturally-based economy in Bil’in and has become a symbol of Israeli oppression and colonization in the West Bank. Photographer Adam Beach documented the Bil’in demonstrations.