Palestinian Rights in the Document Shredder: The Nusseibeh-Ayalon Agreement

An Israeli newspaper has revealed the contents of an agreement between PLO Jerusalem spokesman Sari Nusseibeh, and former chief of the Israeli secret police, Ami Ayalon, for a final Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement. EI’s Ali Abunimah says that this document is full of deceptive language concealing disasterous concessions which liquidate basic Palestinian human rights. 

No turning back

It ought to be possible to find a way to resolve political conflicts peacefully so that no more Palestinian or Israeli parents are left to grieve. But the callous indifference and irresponsibility of the world’s great powers, the intransigence of Israel’s leaders and the weakness and divisions in the Arab world ensure that the Palestinian struggle — the last great anti-colonial struggle of the twentieth century — will continue well into the twenty-first. 

An Israeli in Palestine

On the way I had that sinking feeling of powerlessness mixed with outrage that always accompanied me to events like this - an equal mixture of responsibility, anger at the injustice, the fundamental unfairness of it all, and helplessness in the face of an unmoving, uncaring, cruel and supremely self-righteous system of oppression. 

Sharon's deadly calculus

The Palestinian people have made it quite clear that they will resist the occupation until it ends completely, and they are learning more about the occupier’s vulnerabilities every day. Even Sharon will have to stop and think before he does anything more foolish than he has so far.