St. Paul

Letter from and to America

Observing Israel’s propaganda campaign to deflect the current international spotlight away from its brutal military operation in Rafah, I am struck by the sheer scale of the lie and the blatantly premeditated campaign to cloud the issue instead of dealing transparently with the obvious and undeniable abuses. Even the hapless United States administration — whose contentedly culturally-ignorant and amoral soldiers were violating the human rights of Joe and Jane Iraqi long before the abuse in Abu Ghraib came to light — has enough of a clue when finally caught red-handed to understand that the only way out of the mess was to begin a process of prosecuting those responsible. 

Highly improbable plot situations, exaggerated characters, and slapstick elements

Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres underlined that Israel was pulling out of the conference because of “anti-Israel and anti-Semitic comments,” adding that the conference was “a farce.” And yet one more opportunity to make Israel accountable for the hell on earth it creates daily for Palestinians under its military occupation was neatly side-stepped. 

Response to 'Playing into Sharon's hands' by Robert Malley, The New York Times, 25 January 2002.

While reading “Playing Into Sharon’s Hands” (Jan 25th), one should bear in mind that writer Robert Malley was an advisor on this very conflict in an administration described by more than one Israeli official as the ‘most pro-Israeli in history’. For him to be berating Bush for a lack of even handedness and decisive action is high irony. 

Eyewitnesses of tomorrow's news

There is a desperate need to stress that Israel’s claimed “war against terrorism” in Ramallah and elsewhere is actually a war against the Palestinian population. What ‘gains’ Israel may later claim should be fundamentally undermined in the minds of all decent people by Israel’s scattered application of its violence and the endemic collective punishment it employs against all Palestinians to achieve these supposed ‘gains’.