Israel's choice

The Israeli gangster regime is continuing Sharon’s declared campaign to kill Palestinians deliberately and cause them as much pain as possible in order to force them to submit quietly to Israel’s military rule. 

There is No News Today

There is no news today. Or rather the news today is full of stories about Yasir Arafat’s release from his Ramallah prison. This is variously being presented as a cause for jubilation among Palestinians, a personal victory for a ‘defiant’ Arafat, and a ‘success’ for US ‘diplomacy.’ 

'Before our own eyes'

The falsehood that Israel ever made significant withdrawals from the occupied territories or that the three and a half million Palestinians subject to its military rule ever enjoyed more freedom than any people corralled into tiny ghettos by an oppressor serves the same purpose as the thoroughly debunked myth that former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak made ‘far-reaching compromises’ at Camp David. 

A Missed Opportunity

Ever since the horrific carnage in Gaza, when Israeli leaders knowingly, willfully and with malice aforethought dropped a 1,000kg bomb on a civilian apartment building killing 15 people, ten of them children, everyone has been expecting a bloody revenge against Israelis.