The Shopkeeper

My friend’s shop is in the old city. Because there is curfew everyday, he has been unable to get there. Recently, his shop, along with nineteen others, was welded shut by the Israeli army. 

Can anyone do something to stop this?

In the summer of 2001, a small group of five to ten Israeli settlers confiscated a hill belonging to Palestinian farmers at the north end of the Beqa’a Valley, near the Harsina Settlement, east of Hebron. The settlers erected a few primitive structures and began a new “illegal” (according to current Israeli law) outpost. Art Gish writes from Hebron. 

Hebron Settlers

435 Israelis are nestled within the city limits of Hebron in co-habitation with approximately 180,000 Palestinians. The settlers are “guarded” by approximately 1,500 to 2,000 Israeli soldiers costing Israel millions of dollars in operations cost; the ratio is 1 settler to 4 soldiers guarding the post.