Beit Hanina

No witnesses

The woman from Jenin refugee camp said, ‘we couldn’t see what was happening so we looked through the window, we were terrified in case they shot at us.’ 

West Bank update

Writing an update of the situation in the West Bank today requires few changes to the updates of the previous ten days; names of villages, numbers of wounded, and the names of the dead appear to be the only difference. 

'There's a terrorist coming'

The sun was finally shining, I start to feel a little better but the feeling is temporary - were I at my place in Ramallah right now, it wouldn’t even be safe enough to step out on the balcony. The shutters would be drawn, I would be in darkness, and my usual short supply of food would have been exhausted long ago. 

Rape of the cities

Imagine that you have been locked inside your house for 10 days. You cannot leave your house because there are tanks and soldiers in the street, on every corner there are snipers who shoot to kill. Imagine you cannot go to work, your children cannot go to school or to the nursery and you have to do your best to explain to them what a tank is and what the soldiers are doing in the streets of your city.