Weekly report on human rights violations

Willful Killing

During the reported period, IOF killed 14 Palestinians (eight in the West Bank and six in the Gaza Strip, including two children.

In the West Bank, on 14 July 2005, IOF shot dead a Palestinian civilian in Nablus. On 15 July 2005, IOF extra-judicially killed three Palestinians in Salfit village near Nablus and killed a child during the clashes that followed this attack. On 19 July 2005, two Palestinians were killed in al-Yamoun village near Jenin when they exchanged fire with IOF. On 20 July 2005, a Palestinian died from a wound he sustained last week during an Israeli incursion into Tulkarm.

In the Gaza Strip, on 15 July 2005, IOF extra-judicially executed 4 Palestinians in Gaza City. They also extra-judicially executed a 5 th Palestinian in Khan Yunis on 17 July 2005. On 18 July 2005, IOF positioned at a checkpoint in the central Gaza Strip killed a Palestinian child, when they opened fire at a number of Palestinian civilians who were waiting at the checkpoint.


During the reported period, in addition to using aircrafts in the aforementioned extra-judicial killings, IOF launched nine aerial attacks at civilian targets in the Gaza Strip. They fired 14 missiles at these targets, destroying them. In addition, at least 10 Palestinian civilians, including 3 children, were injured as a result.


IOF conducted 47 military incursions into Palestinian areas (45 in the West Bank and two in the Gaza Strip), the widest of which was into Tulkarm. During these incursions, IOF injured 20 Palestinian civilians. They raided houses and arrested 79 Palestinian civilians. In addition, IOF seized 21 houses and transformed them into military sites.

Restrictions on Movement

IOF have continued to impose a tightened siege on the OPT, including Jerusalem. IOF divided the Gaza Strip into three separate zones. They have also continued to close Erez crossing for the second consecutive week. IOF have decided to prevent Palestinian civilians aged 16-35 from traveling through Rafah International Crossing Point. In the West Bank, IOF erected a number of military checkpoints. They arrested six Palestinian civilians, including two children. They also imposed curfews on a number of Palestinian communities. In addition, a Palestinian civilian was injured by IOF near a military checkpoint.

Annexation Wall

IOF have continued to construct the Annexation Wall inside the West Bank territory. IOF have continued to construct a section of the Wall to the northeast of East Jerusalem. They also established a military post near Qalandya checkpoint, south of Ramallah. During the reported period, IOF continued to raze areas of Palestinian agricultural land in Amatin village near Qalqilya to construct a section of the Wall in the area. On 19 July 2005, IOF issued three military orders confiscating 15 donums [1] of Palestinian land near Qalqilya to establish roads that will link a number of settlements with the Wall. In addition, IOF used force to disperse peaceful demonstrations organized by Palestinian civilians, international and Israeli solidarity activists in protest at the construction of the Wall. Seven Palestinian civilians and an Israeli solidarity activist were wounded and three Israeli solidarity activists were arrested.

Illegal Settler Activities

Israeli settlers in breach of international humanitarian law continue to reside in the OPT and have launched a series of attacks against Palestinian civilians and property. Three Palestinian civilians, including a child, were injured. IOF also razed areas of Palestinian land in Shoufa village near Tulkarm for the purpose of settlement expansion.

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