Video: Rescuing the injured with my tuk-tuk

Basim Jamal Abu Obeid used his tuk-tuk truck for everything before he was injured.

Abu Obeid regularly participated in the Great March of Return protests along the Israel-Gaza boundary fence and used his tuk-tuk to transfer injured Palestinians to medical units.

On 29 June 2018, Israeli snipers shot Abu Obeid in the leg while he was helping to evacuate another injured Palestinian.

“My situation was getting worse at the European Hospital [in Gaza]. My family decided that I must travel,” Abu Obeid told The Electronic Intifada.

After spending one month in Egypt, doctors decided to amputate his leg.

When Abu Obeid came home, his three children had trouble understanding their father’s condition.

“When I returned to Gaza and I entered my house, my children were afraid to approach me,” Abu Obeid said.

Abu Obeid is hoping to receive an advanced pair of crutches to ease his pain.

Video by Ola Mousa and Fathi al-Zumaily.