Video: Nahr al-Bared refugees’ joyless Ramadan

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The anarchist video collective “a-films” presents a 20-minute film entitled “Tragedy Without Borders,” produced by refugees from the destroyed Nahr al-Bared Refugee Camp during a video-workshop held in Baddawi Refugee Camp near Trablous (Tripoli), northern Lebanon. For two weeks, a-films has trained a group of refugees in filmmaking.

Thousands of families living in Nahr al-Bared were displaced during the Lebanese army’s summer-long siege on the camp, where a militant group called Fatah al-Islam had established itself. The camp was destroyed during the conflict.

“Tragedy Without Borders” focuses on the hard conditions that Nahr al-Bared refugees are facing in their temporary stay in Baddawi Camp. Many of them are experiencing a joyless Ramadan. Living since four months in overcrowded schools, mosques and in overpriced flats and even garages, they describe their daily life and their memories of their destroyed refugee camp. The refugees explain their perceptions of their future and their hopes of returning to the ruins of Nahr al-Bared.

a-films is currently conducting video workshops in Baddawi Camp in northern Lebanon as well as in Bourj al-Shamali Camp and Siddiqine village in the south of the country. Please check the collective’s website for further videos and for this video translated into different languages:

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