Video: Israel’s night raids in Nablus

Israeli forces raid occupied West Bank cities and towns on a daily basis and in the middle of the night to arrest Palestinians.

In Nablus, however, there is another reason for regular raids.

Joseph’s Tomb, an archeological site located in the heart of the city, is considered sacred by Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Israeli settlers make regular visits to the site under heavy escort from the Israeli army.

Israeli forces sometimes shoot at Palestinians, injuring them with live ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gas.

The army imposes curfews and strict military closures on the city, disrupting people’s lives.

“When they come, they evacuate the area,” resident Nafez Dweikat told The Electronic Intifada. “You are forbidden from moving even if you are outside your house.”

Israeli forces killed two Palestinians in Nablus last month, claiming they threw an explosive device at soldiers guarding hundreds of settlers raiding Joseph’s Tomb.

Local eyewitnesses contradicted the Israeli account of the killings in Nablus and said the car in which the two young men were traveling was fired on and then pushed by a bulldozer with them inside.

Video by Ahmad al-Bazz.