Video: How Israel bombed Gaza’s economy

One objective of Israel’s 11-day bombing campaign in Gaza last month was to further damage the territory’s already depleted economy.

During the Israeli attack, more than 250 Palestinians were killed, including at least 67 children.

In addition, Israel inflicted material losses of hundreds of millions of dollars, according to initial estimates.

“This is destruction,” Muhammad Abu Halima, the director of a factory in Gaza, told The Electronic Intifada.

“They destroyed our economy, our families, they’ve ruined the workers, the accountants, the companies, the employees. What did they get out of it?”

Israel bombed factories, commercial buildings, stores, farms, restaurants and businesses. More than 500 enterprises were destroyed or damaged, including 50 factories.

Israel bombed the Gaza Industrial Estate, a major economic center southeast of Gaza City founded in 1996 with support from the US government, the European Union and the World Bank.

Gaza already had one of the world’s highest unemployment rates – more than 50 percent even before Israel’s latest offensive.

This is a result of Israel’s repeated military attacks on Gaza along with an ongoing 14-year blockade backed by the US and its allies.

Joblessness and poverty are only likely to get worse now.

During the recent attack, Israeli leaders ordered the destruction of large residential and commercial towers in relatively wealthy areas, such as Gaza City’s al-Rimal neighborhood.

Israel has put forward no evidence to back its claims that they contained any legitimate military targets.

The wanton destruction appears to be an attempt to impoverish more people and to foment internal opposition to the Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza.

While Israel has tried such tactics for decades, they have failed to break the collective resolve of Palestinians.

Video by Mohammed Asad and Tala Kaddoura.