Video: Gaza man makes electric wheelchairs from scrap materials

Mumen Abu Raida of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip makes electric wheelchairs from upcycled and scrap materials.

He knows that Palestinians cannot afford such vehicles at commercial prices.

He was inspired to build them himself, using materials and objects he could find in the scrap market.

“The electric wheelchair consists of a used engine, [and is] specific to wheelchairs used by the elderly,” Abu Raida told The Electronic Intifada. Other components include tires, gears, metal parts, lights and buttons.

Normally selling for around $2,500 in the commercial market, Abu Raida’s wheelchair costs $400.

Smaller models cost around $140.

Abu Raida makes sure his vehicles do not exceed 15 kilometers per hour.

“It is designed to meet the needs of seniors. It’s not fast so it doesn’t put them in danger,” he told The Electronic Intifada.

He also makes models for children.

Zain al-Najjar, 6, has a disability that prevents him from walking. His parents bought him a vehicle from Abu Raida, which he now uses to move independently.

Video by Mohammed Asad.