Six Palestinians killed in escalating IOF offensive on Gaza Strip

Al Mezan is seriously concerned by ongoing IOF attacks in the eastern areas of Al Shaja’ia neighborhood for the second consecutive day. The attacks killed six Palestinians, including four members of the executive forces of the Palestinian Ministry of Interior. Further, the IOF continue to maintain the closure of Rafah Crossing.

According to Al Mezan field sources, on 28 August at approximately 5:50am an Israeli fighter jet fired a rocket at a group of members of the executive forces of the Palestinian Ministry of Interior, while gathering at the end of Al Mansoura Street in Al Shaja’ia. The shelling resulted in the killing of four members of these forces: Mahmoud Hamdi Jondia, 20, Mohammed Mostafa, 20, Khaled Kamal Al Ijla, 22, Ibrahim Sadeq Hellis, 20. Further, seven Palestinians, including five children were injured as a result of the constant arbitrary firing by the IOF in the area.

On 27 August at approximately 11:00pm, the IOF, stationed in eastern Al Shaja’ia neighborhood, killed 50-year-old Fathi Mahmoud Abu Al Qumboz while he was standing in the balcony of his house. Sameh Fathi Abu Omar, 21 was also killed as a result of the IOF shelling in the area. The total number of Palestinian victims over the last two days now stands at eight killed and 14 injured.
In the context of the tight siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, the IOF continue to maintain closure of the crossings of the Strip, particularly Karni Crossing, the sole economic exit from the Gaza Strip, which has been closed now for 12 consecutive days. The closure of Karni has resulted in severe shortages of food supplies, especially children’s milk. The IOF also closed, for the second day, Nahal Aouz Crossing through which fuel is imported.

Al Mezan strongly condemns the ongoing IOF offensive against Palestinian civilians, and confirms that the IOF are systematically committing war crimes in violation of international humanitarian law, notably the Fourth Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War. The Centre also confirms that these measures evidence Israeli disrespect towards its legal obligations under the Convention.

Al Mezan emphasizes that the overlooking by the international community of Israeli war crimes perpetrated in the OPT encourages Israel to commit further such crimes. Al Mezan reiterates its demands that the international community must halt Israeli violations and provide international protection to Palestinian civilians and their property in the OPT.

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