Remembrance: Rachel Corrie 1979-2003

I would never call it final resting place
  the spot where she was crushed and smashed
into the landscape of a brutal Occupation

I would call it the restless spot

the place where a soul’s liberation rises above
the one act that could best depict
the oppression she stood so firm against

Rachel Corrie at Evergreen State College. (Handout)

Though crushed and smashed
oppression did not smash her spirit
and leaving traces of herself
beyond the mortal bruises
  her unholy sacrifice
reclaims the spirit of nonviolent resistance

We pick up bits and pieces
We scoop up Rachel
and carry her along

We sing her spirit’s song

What else do we do?
Do we drive over other young women?
Do we blow ourselves up?
Do we tear down all of the homes in an entire town?
to build more walls and ghettoes?

In a restless place
  there is Soul
that rises above hatred
and hovers in righteousness
and has no vengeance
only longing longing longing
  for a peaceful
  resting place.

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    Mary La Rosa is a librarian and artist living close to NYC, where she can be seen drumming in the streets for peace and social justice.

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