Red Cross and Red Crescent assist over 2,500 Palestinians at Rafah Terminal

Destruction and rubble, left by Israeli army bulldozers on the borders of Rafah (Ronald de Hommel)

The Egyptian Red Crescent Society (ERCS), with assistance from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), is providing tents, food parcels, hygiene installations and fans to over 2500 people stranded on the Egyptian side of the closed Rafah Terminal, on the southern border of the Gaza Strip.

At the same time the ICRC is making representations to the relevant Israeli and Palestinian authorities to allow the people, who have been blocked at Rafah for up to 12 days, to cross into the Gaza Strip as soon as possible.

For nearly two weeks, ERCS volunteers, working closely with local Egyptian authorities, have been assisting the group stranded at the border, which includes women, children and elderly people, with basic relief and medical assistance. Additionally, a Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) medical doctor has been helping the ERCS respond to medical emergencies.

At the request of the ERCS, ICRC and North Sinai Governorate officials accompanied ERCS representatives to the Rafah border crossing area, to assess the situation further. In view of the severe humanitarian conditions caused by temperatures in excess of 35 degrees and the lack of hygiene and basic infrastructure for those stranded in and around the terminal, the ICRC decided to provide this immediate additional relief, which will be distributed by the ERCS along with their other support activities.

The ICRC will continue to monitor the humanitarian situation, and provide assistance if needed, until the stranded people are able to cross into the Gaza Strip.

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