Radio Intifada broadcasts 2nd show in CA on Feb 20th

Voices from Kolkata to Casablanca

Southern California (KPFK 90.7 PM)
Thursday, February 20th, 3-4pm

Palestine/Israel: Visions of the Future
One State? Two States? Bi-National State? Federation

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In Radio Intifada’s second program of the KPFK Fund Drive, we present different visions of the future for Palestine and Israel, with excerpts from a panel presented at Loyola Law School on February 16th.

The panelists included:
Mahmood Ibrahim - Professor of History, Cal Poly Pomona
Jeff Halper - an Israeli anthropologist and coordinator of the Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions
Sabrina Brahms - PhD candidate and Jewish American activist

A live phone interview will be conducted with Michael Shehadeh, long time Palestinian American activist, who was unable to participate in the panel.

Edited and Hosted by Sherna Gluck, South and West Asia and North Africa (SWANA) Collective

(Thanks to Anne Kunkin for her recording of the event, which was co-sponsored by Women in Black-Los Angeles, National Lawyers Guild-Loyola, and Ad Hoc Committee for a Just Middle East Peace.)