Qalqilya wall

Israel’s apartheid wall filmed on August 18, 2002 by EI’s Arjan El Fassed, in and around Qalqilya. Footage shows the wall from both sides of the 1967 demarcation line. This eight-meter high concrete wall, complete with lookout towers located every fifty meters along its length, traps and isolates over 12,000 people. The wall deprives Qalqilya’s residents from their basic needs to work, to receive proper medical care, and to harvest their own land.
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    Camera and Editing: Arjan El Fassed


    One of the watchtowers built in Israel’s apartheid wall around the Palestinian town Qalqiliya (Photo: AEF, 2002)

    Another watchtower built in Israel’s apartheid wall around the Palestinian town Qalqiliya. For the purpose of building this wall Israel confiscated and destroyed Palestinian agricultural lands (Photo: AEF, 2002)

    Palestinian children standing against Israel’s apartheid wall built around the Palestinian town Qalqiliya. The wall is 8-meters high (Photo: AEF, 2002)

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