The physically disabled detainee Anan Abd Al-Fatah Labadeh

On March 23, 2003, Attorney Fares Abu Hassan, representing PCATI, met with Mr. Labadeh at the Hawarah Camp. In a sworn affidavit Mr. Labadeh states that he was beaten, ill treated and held in deplorable conditions since he was brought to the camp. Mr. Labadeh described how he was left outside in his wheelchair in the rain for 3 days and not even allowed to go to the toilet. Soldiers passing by laughed and beat him, and pulled and pushed his wheelchair roughly. When he was moved into a cell his wheelchair was taken away in spite of the fact that he is helpless without it and he has not received the assistance he requires to attend to his daily needs. Mr. Labadeh states that he did not change his clothing or shower since he was brought to the camp. In his statement Mr. Labadeh also describes the harsh conditions at the Hawara camp saying that the detainees are not given a change of clothing, that there are no facilities for washing, the food is insufficient, and the small and crowded cells have no ventilation. These cells measure approximately 3m X 3m and hold around 14 detainees each, some of whom have been there for over two months.

PCATI’s attorney Gaby Lasky has written to the Judea and Samaria Deputy Legal Advisor, Captain Morris Hirsh urgently demanding that Mr. Labadeh be given back his wheelchair and that the conditions of his detention be improved to protect his personal dignity especially in view of the fact that he is physically disabled. Attorney Lasky stated that if the Hawara Camp authorities cannot guarantee Mr. Labadeh’s access to the toilets and shower, they must free him immediately. In addition, Mr. Labadeh’s attorney has requested that Mr. Labadeh’s administrative detention be reviewed.

PCATI plans to file a petition to the High Court of Justice regarding the deplorable conditions at the Hawara Camp.

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