Photostory: Montreal Mobilizes Against Israeli Attacks

On July 22nd , people in over 30 cities from a dozen countries marched in solidarity with the people of Lebanon and Gaza. In Montreal over 20 organizations and thousands of individuals combined forces to demand an end to Israeli crimes. The demonstration was led by a gigantic Lebanese flag.

Montreal-based organisations and individuals united last week to express their solidarity with the people of Lebanon and Gaza. Demonstrations, a human chains, a 24-hour vigil, speeches, letter-writing, emailing, petition-signing, fundraising and more played a role in this important beginning of a movement to bring an end to the present Israeli aggression in Lebanon and Palestine. Montreal photographer Darren Ell was present to capture some of these important developments in international solidarity.

On July 22nd, thousands marched through the streets of Montreal denouncing the Israeli attack and the policies of the Israeli, American and Canadian governments.

Translation: “Measured? Not in our name Harper”. The sign refers to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s description of Israeli attacks as “measured.” The Canadian Government continues to blame Hezbollah for the situation in Lebanon and the Palestinians for the situation in Gaza, at the same time repeating Israel’s right to self-defense.

Public pressure on the Canadian Government has been intense since the beginning of the Israeli attacks. The July 22nd demonstration, called by the Canadian Muslim Forum, featured a mass petition-signing campaign.

Every Friday at noon for the last 66 months, PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish Unity) have demonstrated in front of the Israeli Consulate in Montreal, demanding an end to the Israeli Occupation, promoting the international boycott, and now supporting the Lebanese community in its struggle against Israeli aggression. The demo was followed by a 24-hour vigil next door to the Consulate.

In downtown Montreal on July 18th, Montreal Shi’a leader Sayed Nabil Abbas, denounced both the Israeli aggression and the Canadian Government’s pro-Israel response. He stands before mock coffins carrying the names of the members of Montreal’s Al-Akhrass family killed in Lebanon by Israeli airstrikes. The demo was called by Montreal’s University Lebanese Association.

Federal politicians took the microphone on July 18th. Here, member of Parliament Maria Mourani denounces Israel’s actions and the Canadian Government’s support for these actions.

A member of PAJU hands out one of its weekly tracts informing the public of important realities in the Middle East, this one related to the assault on Lebanon.

Darren Ell is a photographer. He can be reached at

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