Photostory: London protests against occupation of Iraq and Palestine

A recurring theme was denunciation of the Bush administration’s green light for the Israeli regime’s violent repression of the Palestinian people (Photo: Azem Bishara, 2003)

ASLEF General Secretary Mick Rix said that there should be an international court convened to remove Israel from Palestine and asked Blair, “How can you talk about democracy if you don’t have democracy in the party?”

He concluded his remarks with the chant “Blair must go!” which was picked up by the crowd and echoed throughout Trafalgar Square for a good five minutes (Photo: Azem Bishara, 2003)

London protesters condemn occupation of Iraq and defend Palestinians in Trafalgar Square (Photo: Azem Bishara, 2003)

A sticker “Free Palestine - End the occupation” on a wall (Photo: Azem Bishara, 2003)

The mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, spoke as the host of the rally. Referring to Bush’s planned visit to Britain next month, Livingstone said, “If George Bush is expecting a civic reception in City Hall he can think again. There will be a reception but it will be for the antiwar movement” (Photo: Azem Bishara, 2003)

Demonstrators in many countries opposed plans for their governments to send troops to shore up the beleaguered US and British forces in Iraq (Photo: Aazem Bishara, 2003)

Thousands of activists assembled in London’s Hyde Park for a march to Trafalgar Square to demand freedom for Palestine and Iraq. The protest was part of an international day of action, with demonstrations taking place in Spain, Korea, Turkey, France and Germany (Photo: Azem Bishara, 2003)