Photostory: Images of the Kalandia Checkpoint bombing

An ambulance rushing to the scene at Kalandia checkpoint. (MA/RF/EI)

Two Palestinians were killed and seven Israeli soldiers and 13 Palestinians were wounded today when a bomb exploded at Kalandia checkpoint, separating Ramallah and northern parts of Jerusalem from the rest of the city. Six Palestinian wounded were taken to Ramallah hospitals. All Israeli casualties were Israeli army officers. They were taken to hospitals in Jerusalem.

An Israeli bomb squad arrives at the scene at Kalandia checkpoint. (MA/RF/EI)

As Israeli soldiers are combing the streets of Jerusalem neighborhoods ar-Ram and Dahiya al-Barid, the Aqsa Martyrs Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack. The Aqsa Martyrs Brigades said the attack was meant to retaliate for Israeli actions in Gaza. Israeli armed forces imposed a closure on Ramallah. Hundreds of Israeli police and soldiers are deployed in the area.

Israeli Border Police on the southern side of Kalandia checkpoint. (MA/RF/EI)

Israeli police and fire brigade. (MA/RF/EI)

Israeli Border Police rushing to scene. (MA/RF/EI)

Chaos of cars, taxi’s, Israeli army jeeps and Palestinian commuters at Kalandia checkpoint. (MA/RF/EI)

The scene at the checkpoint. (MA/RF/EI)

Israeli soldiers running down the road watched by Palestinian children. (MA/RF/EI)

The scene of the explosion at Kalandia checkpoint. (MA/RF/EI)