Photostory: Commemorating the assault on Gaza

Approximately one year ago, Israel unleashed its assault on the Gaza Strip — amidst its ongoing siege and occupation — killing more than 1,400 Palestinians, the majority of them civilians. Thirteen Israelis were killed during the attacks, most of them soldiers. Israel has since been accused of war crimes by numerous international human rights organizations as well as in a UN-commissioned inquiry led by South African Judge Richard Goldstone. The attacks sparked mass demonstrations around the world in solidarity with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Solidarity actions have continued, and a number of groups have attempted to travel to Gaza and break the siege. The below images are from around the one year anniversary, when many groups around the world again led demonstrations to show their continued solidarity with Palestine. If you have images to which you hold the rights documenting Palestine, Palestinian life, politics and culture, or of solidarity with Palestine, please email images and captions to photos A T electronicintifada D O T net.

San Francisco, 31 December 2009. (Rick Sterling)

Erez Crossing between Israel and Gaza, 31 December 2009. (Oren Ziv/ActiveStills)

Anchorage, Alaska, US, 2 January 2010. (Alaskans For Palestine)

New York City, US, 27 December 2009. (Andy Pollack)

Cairo, Egypt, 29 December 2009. (Dana Elborno)

Belfast, Ireland, 28 December 2009. (Ciaran O Brolchain)

Blue Hill, Maine, US, 30 December 2009. (Gaza Freedom March)

Adelaide, Australia, 31 December 2009. (Gaza Freedom March)

Boston, US, 31 December 2009. (Kade Ellis)

Chicago, US, 30 December 2009. (Maureen Clare Murphy)

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 27 December 2009. (Netherlands Palestine Committee)

Eureka, Canada, 31 December 2009. (Gaza Freedom March)

Philadelphia, US, 30 December 2009. (Pam Hinden)

Bern, Switzerland, 27 December 2009. (Gaza Freedom March)

Seattle, US, 27 December 2009. (Aditya Ganapathiraju)

Ottawa, Canada, 27 December 2009. (Rehab Nazzal)