Photo of the Day

Above: An enterprising Palestinian finds a way to combine enjoyment of the sweet taste of an arguila* with taking sensible precautions in the event of possible chemical attack.

Ahmed Abu Toofah, from the Nablus branch of the anti-war movement “Hookahs not Bazookas” commented: Bii arguila, bii salaam, ma bidnash chemeya Saddam (“With arguilas, with peace, we don’t want Saddam’s chemical weapons”).

Disclaimer: This photograph depicts a professional smoker on a closed course. Do not try this at home or you will most likely pass out.

*An arguila or narguila is a traditional Palestinian water pipe which usually is used to smoke ma’asil tobacco (lit. “with honey”), tobacco sweetened with fruit flavours, most commonly apple. “Hookah” is another name by which these pipes are known, but not in this part of the Middle East, ya habibi.

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