PCRS: Israeli Army attacks peaceful solidarity march in Rafah

Rafah, Wednesday, 19 May 2004 (2:00pm) — An estimated 1000 Palestinians were attacked by Israeli Army tank fire and helicopter shelling during a peaceful march in solidarity with the residents of Tal as-Sultan, which has been under Israeli military siege and curfew for the past three days. The PRCS Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Gaza has reported fourteen deaths and tens of injuries, several are in critical condition.

According to eyewitnesses and live television reports, an Israeli Army tank fired two missiles towards the marchers and immediately after that, Apache helicopters began to fire missiles, directly hitting the marchers.

The PRCS Emergency Operations Center in Gaza has declared ‘code red’ emergency status and has established two emergency mobile clinics in Rafah, one in the Ashaboura area and the other near the PRCS Emergency Medical Services (EMS) station. Additional medical personnel and volunteers were also dispatched to these mobile clinics.

Ten ambulances from Khan Younis and Deir Al-Balah EMS stations and additional emergency medical supplies were also dispatched to the area. The PRCS Advanced Medical Post (AMP) which can treat more than 200 causalities per day will be dispatched from Gaza to Rafah tomorrow (20 May 2004).

The deliberate targeting of peaceful marchers by the Israeli Army constitutes a grave violation to International Humanitarian Law and is considered a war crime.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society calls upon the international community and States Parties to the Geneva Conventions to immediately intervene for the protection of the Palestinian population.

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