“No pride in war, no pride in occupation!”

Announcing a Call to Action for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Two-Spirit, Trans and Intersex and Queer Activists

Queers for Peace and Justice has initiated a new campaign: “Come Out Against the War at Home and Abroad!”, and urges activists to take up this banner at LGBT Pride Events across the country.

As Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Two-Spirit, Trans and Intersex and Queer people we understand what it means to be silenced, used as scapegoats, and targeted with violence for being who we are. This is experienced more intensely for those of us who are also people of color and trans experience.

For these reasons, we feel it is crucial in the current political climate to make anti-war organizing and the fight against racism — at home and abroad — a priority for our movement.

We oppose the Bush administration’s so-called “War On Terrorism” and demand that the billions of dollars being spent to wage war on or occupy countries around the world, be spent instead here in the US on human needs such as jobs, education, health care, AIDS, job training, affordable housing, and the environment.

We oppose the racist detention and deportation of immigrants, the police brutality and Immigration and Naturalization Service round-ups in communities of color — especially towards Muslim and South Asian communities.

We will not allow our movement to be divided based on class, race, nation of origin, language, gender, sexuality, gender expression, income, size, ability, age, etc. We respect and will take leadership from those groups particularly targeted by war at home and abroad, namely, People of Color, immigrants, Trans people, the homeless, sex workers, and young people, etc.

We believe that through these principles, we can build a unified movement not only to fight for the liberation of LGBT & Queer people, but for the liberation of all peoples. We are proud of our rich and militant history as Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Two-Spirit, Trans and Intersex and Queer peoples. The 1969 Stonewall Rebellion — the forerunner to Pride celebrations across the countries — was a 3-day battle in the streets of NYC against racist police brutality and Queer oppression. We are inspired by the leadership of those combatants, many of whom were transgender, people of color, and or homeless.

Thus, we call for 2003 LGBT Pride celebrations to return back to their radical foundations! And we are determined to do all in our power to demonstrate that Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Two-Spirit, Trans and Intersex Queer people are opposed to the racist, war-mongering policies of the Bush administration.

We call on all Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Two-Spirit, Trans and Intersex organizations and individuals across the country to sign on and endorse this “Come Out Against the War at Home and Abroad” campaign at LGBT Pride Events across the country.

We urge you to take the following actions at all national and local LGBT, Black Gay, Bi, Trans, Lesbian, Youth Pride parades/events/activities:

Build anti-war contingents/floats/sections for LGBT parades

Carry anti-war placards, banners, etc.

Mass produce placards to hand out throughout the parades

Create mass buttons, stickers, literature saying “There is No Pride in War! There is No Pride in Occupation!”

Please campaign to get out the message to fight war and racism.

To coordinate and cooperate, please email us at: noprideinwar@yahoo.com or call 212-633-6646 ext 35

Initiated by Queers for Peace and Justice

Endorsers as of May 23, 2003

Freedom Trainers

Khuli Zaban (organization of South and West Asian bi/les/trans women) Chicago, IL

LGBT Caucus of The International Action Center


The National Latina/o Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Organization Project Reach, NYC